Long Mynd Thursday hill session

This week's Thursday session is a 7pm meet at the scout hut.

Longmynd Valleys Championships Race - Saturday 25th March

Hello everyone

I have been a little busy with other things I'm afraid and haven't quite managed to get the entries open yet. Please bear with me while I get it sorted out with SI. It will be sometime this week and there will be a notice here and on the front page of the FRA website to advise that entries have opened.

Long Mynd Thursday hill session

Back to the Thursday hill sessions then - 7pm meet at the cattle grid in Carding Mill valley.

Morning After Results

Results for today's (rather wet!) Morning After race are available here. Apologies for the incomplete results towards the end of the field but the weather got the better of the timing equipment!

Terry's Tinsel Trail results

This is the second running of Terry's night race. A very informal affair.

But even an informal race like this cannot happen without help. We are grateful to the following people who helped make this race happen: