Morning After Results

Results for today's Morning After race are available here.

Runners with numbers in the range 100..180 are shown in the results as 1000..1080.
There are a few mistakes due to the chaos at the finish with walkers coming through the runners funnel and some runners not showing their numbers as they finished. We'll organise things differently next year to prevent this confusion in future.

Corndon Classic 2014

Race results are available here (sorry, its a PDF).

Mortimer Forest results

Results for the Mortimer Forest trail race are available here. NB: There was a new (shorter) course this year.

Corndon Classic - at 11 A.M.

The Corndon Classic starts at 11am I am told by the Race Organiser. That's eleven, one hour before midday. ELEVEN!

Don't turn up at 12, you can't afford to give everyone else an hour head start :-)

Shropshire Winter Series 2014-2015 After 3

Results so far in the 2014-2045 winter series are available here.