Mad Jacks Five

Not a fell race but fun if you don't mind getting wet and muddy! 9th November at Attingham Park, 5 mile cross country. Details are here

Rectory Field, Church Stretton

rectory wood fence.jpg

For the occasion of the Fell Relay Championship last October we had permission to breach the fence at the top of Rectory Field.  Immediately after the race we reinstated it.

Since then the fence has fallen into some disrepair to the point where stock might have been tempted to have a go at jumping it.


The Fell Runners Association is the governing body for fell running in England.  Periodically the FRA reviews and updates the safety rules.  Such a review has just taken place and NEW RULES have been implemented.  Similar rules are likely to be adopted by the Welsh Fell Runners Association.  ALL fell races in our area need permits and insurance from the FRA or WFRA and so we MUST implement the FRA or WFRA rules, and all runners who wish to enter these races must comply.............

Path Clearing Day for the National Trust - 21st September 2013 - PLEASE HELP

In the past we have had a few of these Path Clearing days for the National Trust,  and we have always had fun.  As we are mainly responsible for going and making a mess on the Mynd, it is nice every now and again to put something back into the environment and this year we are having a get together on Saturday 21st September.  Meet at 10 am at the Pavilion Cafe in Cardingmill Valley, where Dave Cowell, the National Trust Warden will lead the gang for a few hours of work,  the work is not hard and is always a laugh, it's perfect for families and well behaved dogs, and the NT