Severe Weather Warning - Long Mynd Valleys Weekend 1st & 2nd Feb 2014 - Updated 1/2/2016

The latest Met Office weather forecast for tomorrow 2nd Feb although slightly better is still show signs for concern, Temps feeling like 2°C, winds gusting to 28mph, the organiser are still asking runners to taker the up most care if competing in tomorrow race, good luck, see you in the morning
The Met Office have several severe weather warnings for England and Wales this weekend, runners please take note!

Mercia Champs Update (after LMV)

Club Championships Update

The first three races in the Club Championships have gone already, leaving only 17 more. Remember you must do at least one race at each distance (except U18s, M60+ and L50+), and at least one away race. The next races are the Cardingmill Canter (Saturday 1st March at 1pm), Ras yr Aran (Sunday 22nd March at 1pm) and Pendle (Saturday 5th April at 12:30pm for the ladies and 2pm for the men). Remember Pendle is pre-entry only!

Titterstone Clee and Long Mynd Valleys combined results

The combined results for Titterstone Clee and the Long Mynd Valleys races are available here.

Long Mynd Valleys results

Results for the Long Mynd Valleys race are available here.
A full report will be along later. The weather was kind, sunny most of the time and far warmer than yesterday!

Titterstone Clee Race

Well, the weather boys got it right again, lovely morning, blue sky's, chilly wind, clouds started to gather as the morning went on, then at 11:45 just as the race was about to start, the hill disappeared under a veil of cloud, the wind blew, the sleet hit you like needles, it was truly horrible, true Titterstone Clee weather, we're glad to say everyone was well kitted up, so it was head down and off into the weather, a brief rest just before going onto the summit, but then the full blast of an arctic gale hit you right in the chest, not to far to the summit, it was great to see Don Thompson a