Revised Constitution

As a condition of accepting the recent grant from Sports England we agreed to ensure that our constitution was consistent with the objectives and principles that they expect of sports clubs that they support. We are therefore obliged to review and amend the Constitution. This has been done initially by Colin Williams and reviewed by Bob Dredge.

Random Thoughts from a Reluctant Hiker

Midfield view of the Long Mynd Valleys race 2008

The backwards facing camera, I was caught on film taking this shot, I can be seen later in cycling hat!!!

­Some of you doing this race may have noticed a guy amongst you with a weird looking thing on his head - it was a rearward facing camera set to take a picture every 5 seconds (they don't call me 'gizmo' for nothing!). Of the 1,330 pictures it took before the batteries went flat, the bulk are no good because my head was jigging around too much for it to focus properly, but a few are good enough to show. Here they are:

FRA Relays (Calder Valley)


FRA Relays (Calder Valley)


Running at The Edge of the World

­A burst of Tertiary volcanic activity gave rise to a number of islands in the north Atlantic, among them the Faeroes, Iceland, Mull, Rum and St Kilda. The extent of the St Kilda crater is marked today by the isles of Hirta, Dun and Soay to the west, and Boreray, Stac an Armin and Stac Li 6km to the east. These islands, 40mi west of Harris/Lewis, are hard to get at – Islands at the Edge of the World.