Running Away

­­Two ‘out of area’ recommendations; one race and one run

1. The Sussex Fells

Well ok, not quite, but the ‘Jack and Jill Challenge’ is in the FRA fixtures handbook and 1000’+ of climb is 1000’+ of climb wherever you do it. The race is run in conjunction with the somewhat more d­emanding 30m ‘Downland Challenge’, although being that I competed during a visit to family in the Brighton area, the 5.5 miles of the Jack and Jill appeared a far more socially responsible event to enter (phew!).

The Mercia Machine Marches Again

­When you talk to Gill Harris about running it’s not long before she tells you about her “Bob”, ­and why not?  To be able to complete such a run as the Bob Graham Round is no mean achievement! B­u­t it’s not the run she enthuses about; it is the spirit of teamwork that came from the support crew on and off the mountain. It was this that Paul Cadman wrote about at the time in Mercia News “The Mercia Machine” and the support it provided in helping Gill complete her round back in 1998.

Two Weekends One Summer

­This is a bleak tale of British weather, it describes incredible highs and desperate lows, Tells of how grown men can be reduced to tears by conditions totally out of their control, it shows just how cruel the elements can be in the high mountains where we choose to play our games, how months of training can be undone in just a few ­moments, how split second decisions, made under the most intense pressure in life threatening conditions, can make or break your destiny.­