Bob Graham Round - Rob Hughes - 21 June

I'll be setting off on a clockwise round at 1.15am in the early hours of Saturday 21st Jun 08.  I've hopefully got a support team coming together but if anyone is free to pace or simply a fancies weekend in cumbria please get in touch 07887 501842 or .  I've got the Achille Ratti hut on Dunmail Raise booked so there's lots of bunk space available for the friday and saturday nights.  If it's a scorching day being handed a water bottle across the tops where there's few water sources could make all the diff

Emma's Anniversary Waltz

We all (myself, Jane Becky and Emma) went up to Cumbria at the weekend staying the Friday night at the Borrowdale Youth Hostel before travelling the few miles to the start of the Anniversary Wa, which is the name for the junior races.
Emma seemed to do quite well last year so we thought we would let her loose again!  Plus any excuse to go to Cumbria!

26th South Shropshire Circular - 23/2/8

A great route and the weather was OK. 24 miles and 6,500 feet according to my Gizmo.
I nearly retired after CP3 (Heath Mynd) because I 'twanged' my right knee on the descent - excruciating pain for a bit that reduced me to hopping on my left leg! It slowed me down quite a bit, but the pain had  subsided by the time I got to CP4 (a food stop) so I carried on. I'd miss marked CP9 and CP11 on the map but still managed to fall straight onto them!  I didn't realise I'd miss marked them until I found them in unexpected places! Finished in 6h 5m - disappointing. 

Ultra Series

My planned Ultra races:

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