Club Championship Rounds 2020

Here are the races for 2020 (AS/BM/CL et al is the category, (A) is away, (H) is home, PE is Pre-Entry only):

January 12th Cannock Chase Trig Points CL(H)
January 26th Tigger Tor BM(A)PE
February 8th Titterstone Clee AS(H)
February 9th Long Mynd Valleys AM(H)PE
February 23rd Clwydian Sheeptracks AL(A)
March 14th Ras Yr Aran AM(A)PE
March 22nd Edale Skyline AL(A)PE
April 11th Rivington Pike BS(A)
April 25th Ras Y Moelwyn AM(A)
May 9th Red Kite Challenge BM(A)
May 20th Batch Bash AS(H)
June 13th Ennerdale Horseshoe AL(A)PE
June 27th Chrome Hill BS(A)
July 5th Callow AS(H)
July 15th Stiperstones AS(H)
August 6th Middletown Hill AS(H)
August 29th Arnison Crag AS(A)PE
September 5th Grisedale Horseshoe AM(A)PE
September 20th South Mynd Tour AL(H)PE
October 3rd Fan Fawr AS(A)
October 11th Breidden Hills AM(H)
November 8th Roaches BL(H)
November 14th Dunnerdale AS(A)
December 6th Cardington Cracker AM(H)
December 13th Litton Christmas Cracker BM(A)PE

There are 25 races in total, 11 home and 14 away which comprise of 6 long races, 9 medium and 10 short.

Please take note of the races marked as pre-entry only! - PE

Ras Yr Aran is a British counter, Ennerdale Horseshoe and South Mynd Tour are English and Arnison Crag is an English AND British counter. Also to note, 11 of the races are on the FRA 50@50 list.

Ras y Moelwyn has been chosen by Dianne Spencer and family as a memorial race for the much loved and respected Graham. A new annual trophy will be awarded to the top Mercian runner in the race (male or female) based on whichever time is closest in percentage to the respective male and female race record.

The scoring system for this year is going to revert to the percentage system based on your time as a percentage of the average time of the top five finishers.

Qualifying criteria:

U18 Best 4 short races
U23, Open, V40 and V50 6 best races to count which must include at least one from each distance and one away race.
V60 Best 6 races, at least one short, one medium and one away (no requirement for a long race to be included).
V70 Best 3 races any distance home or away.