Little Sods

New Longmynd Valleys

Come off Yearlet down to the head of Townbrook. It's not the drag along (and slightly up) to meet the Burway Road. That's too long to be a little sod. It's the small ascent you have to do just as you cut across from the road to the top of that screamingly fast path that sweeps down the brackeny ridge toward the finish. Not much, but just enough to take any sting that might have been left in the legs away.

Rick Robson's favourite little sods

Not sure how little 'little' is, but my sods include:

  • humpback bridges on the road at Jura
  • the last climb on Iron Crag at Ennerdale Horseshoe
  • the switchbacks at the end of the Wrekin Wrecker. Graham Hughes will testify to these as we ground ourselves to a stand-still­

Rick Robson, June 2007

Stiperstones little sod

(Steve Turk of SAC reminded me of this one). Coming off Stiperstones down the main track to the pub, we are all thinking that it’s purely scorching downhill to the finish. But it isn’t. There’s about 20’ of climb just before the track bears right amongst the houses, and if you’re already eyeballs out, it’s just enough to wind you slightly and allow some clever git who has remembered its existence to overtake. Thanks Steve, I won’t (couldn’t!) do it again. Promise!­

Graham Hughes, January 2007

Stretton Skyline little sod

­After you come off the Lawley, run across the field to the A49, carry on down the hill, over the railway line cross a stream on a little bridge (GR467 968) and it’s there right in front of you. No more than a couple of contours and 100m to the road and it just stops you in dead.

Colin Lancaster, November 2006