South Mynd Tour race assessment

The South Mynd Tour race details have been updated to include a FRA race assessment matrix. Scroll to the end of the details to find the attachment.

2021 Fell Relays

This year's Fell Relays event is being hosted by Helm Hill on 16 October and appears to be going ahead with the following categories:
   Male and Female open, v40, v50, mixed (3 male & 3 female),
  and for the first time a v60 category which is mixed and can be comprised of any mix of male and female.
Click here for a link to the website

Ragleth Inn Race results 2021

Results for the 2021 running of the Ragleth Inn Fell Race are available here.

2021 Middletown Hill Race results

Results for the 2021 running of the Middletown Hill Race are available here.

Graham Spencer Trophy

The Breidden Hills race on 10th October which in addition to being a Mercia Championships race will have the added bonus of hosting the inaugural running for our new Graham Spencer Trophy. The trophy will be awarded to the first Mercian home (male or female) whose finishing time is closest in percentage terms to the race record for their gender.