Update Re Titterstone Clee at 20.00 hrs 5th February 2009 -

It is our intention to run the Titterstone Clee fell race as usual, As
long as we can get to the start, we will be there. We will do our best
to ensure you get the most up to date information regarding local
conditions as soon as possible, we will be checking conditions on the
hill and in Cleeton St. Mary tomorrow afternoon and the website will be
updated soon after 6.00 p.m. There will be a further check on road conditions early on Saturday morning and the website will be updated again at 9.00 am

Help required at the Valleys Race - Sunday 8th February 2009

Callout for Mercia Members who are not running the Valleys Race.
We require 2 more checkpoint Marshalls and a couple of helpers in the Hall.
IF YOU ARE FREE PLEASE HELP.   Ring Pauline 01743 352387    THANKS

Mercia Newsletter - Calendar Update

Please note that the information in 'Championship Information 2009' regarding the Tarren Hendre Race was incorrect, the correct date was 24th January not 24th February as printed, and the Fixtures List contained loose leaf within the Newsletter also has some wrong dates, please note that this list is now superceded and a new list is currently in circulation. (Don't blame the Ed. it wasn't her fault. It was the person who submitted the info - whoever that was!!!!!!!!!!!)  

Morning After race pictures

There are pictures of this race on my site:-
This is a non commercial site, high resolution pictures are freely available via email from myself on request.

Morning after results

The Morning After results for the 2009 race are now available.