Tuesday training session

An informal training group meets every Tuesday in the Church Stretton co-op car park at 7pm for a social run in the local hills. All welcome. Runs typically last an hour to an hour and a half, then we retire for some serious carbo loading in Housemans round the corner.

Please be aware this run is an informal group of runners with a similar interest. It has no formal relationship with Mercia Fell Runners (or anyone else). You take part at your own risk as you would if a group of friends just decided to "go into the hills".

On the first Tuesday of the month in the summer, starting with Tuesday 1st May, we will meet at Little Stretton instead, by the ford next to the campsite. Please park considerately on the local roads (but obey the signage regarding emergency access) and not in the pub car park. Many of us will adjourn to the Ragleth Inn afterwards. Please note the training runs are not exclusive for Mercia Members. No previous fell running experence is required but you will need running shoes with decent grips (ideally trail or fell shoes) and to carry or wear kit suitable for the conditions. We have a small number of club headtorches available if you don't have your own initially. You don't have to be super fit - we run five to eight miles with several stops to regroup, and we will do our best to ensure no-one is left out on the hills!

Other runs can be arranged at weekends on the Mynd or wider afield, please feel free to put a comment below (ID and password maybe required, these can be obtained from the webmaster if you do not already have one) stating when and where you are going, and see if anyone else is interested in joining in.