Emily Millington is First Lady to complete Gill Harris Challenge

On Tuesday 1st November, Emily successfully completed the Gill Harris round, solo and unsupported in what was largely an on-sight attempt (i.e. no reccies). Running anti-clockwise, and despite a couple of stops for food and coffee Em got round in a creditable 5:48. As she explains, the time wasn't the point: "My packed lunch and a flask of coffee were a sure sign that this was not going to be about times, but a personal navigational challenge. It was an adventure in which the highlight was the Callow Cairn, my favourite part of the Mynd. The lowlight was 'crawling' up Ashlet." Em chose to climb Ashlet by going only a hundred yards or so up the valley between Ashlet and Yearlet and then launching straight up the steepest part of the hill on a direct mission to reach the top.

Emily bravely has posted a GPS track of her entire route, and this can be seen here:

Em's going to write a fuller account for the next Newsletter, but for now, here are her timings.

The Square

09:55 (0:16)

Bodbury Hill
10:02 (0:07)

Novers Hill
10:19 (0:17)

Castle Hill
10:31 (0:12)

Plush Hill
10:44 (0:13)

Gill's Fingerpost
10:56 (0:12)

Haddon Hill
11:22 (0:26)

Calf Ridge
11:28 (0:06)

Shooting Box
11:37 (0:07)

Wild Moor
11:41 (0:04)

Long Synalds
11:54 (0:13)

Pole Bank
12:04 (0:10)

Round Hill
12:19 (0:15)

12:54 (0:35)

Minton Hill
13:26 (0:32)

Packetstone Hill
13:32 (0:06)

Shooters' Knoll
13:38 (0:06)

14:07 (0:29)

14:20 (0:13)

14:23 (0:03)

14:51 (0:28)

15:03 (0:12)

Burway Hill
15:19 (0:16)

The Square
15:27 (0:08)