Mercia Championships 2012 - with link to full details

After much discussion it's been decided to try a new format for the Club Championships for 2012. The old format had been very successful in encouraging more of our members to race in more events, but with over 200 members and probably 120 active runners, it's probably time to spread our wings a little.
The idea of the new format is to try to encourage people to get more involved in various aspects of the club and sport. To this end there are new events and new prizes:

  • the Club Championships now includes three races each from the English and Welsh Championships to encourage all of our athletes to give racing at the highest level a go - even if you don't score individual English Championship points you could help our teams by being the all important third, fourth or fifth counter in a race;
  • there are three "classic" away races also included: this year they are Cribyn, Cader Idris and the Edale Skyline. This is intended to encourage you to travel a little and have a go at some of the biggest / best challenges in fellrunning;
  • we have increased the number of counters from 3 to 6 to try to reward those who race regularly;
  • we've changed the scoring system so instead of percentage scores there will be points for each position - this will make the Champs closer, and also make it easier to administrate given the increased number of races;
  • in addition to the traditional overall and age group prizes there will be extra prizes (based on the Tour de France vests) for the best sprinters (short races performances), best newcomer, and King and Queen of the Mountains (steep, hard races), and a prize for the athelete who completes the most races;
  • there are bonus points for anyone competing in a navigation type event to get more of you to give mountain trial / mountain marathon events a go;
  • there are bonus points for helping with organising / marshalling races.

Hopefully this should help to encourage everyone to get out a little more often and represent the club, both in local events and further afield...
More details of how it will all (hopefully) work, together with a list of the counting events, are on this pdf document. This will be sent out in the next Newsletter, but please note that the first three races may have been and gone by then. The first three races are:

  • Cannock Trig Points, Sunday 15th January
  • Titterstone Clee, Saturday 4th February
  • Longmynd Valleys, Sunday 5th February

Below is a link to the pdf, as some browsers don't let you see the attachment below:
Happy racing!

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