Long Mynd Valleys little sod (2)

Standing on the sideline at both the Time Trial and the Cracker gave me time to reflect on the many Little Sods that litter both races. There’s the road section up to Hollies Farm on the Time Trial; so close to the end, no climb at all, but the temptation to stop and walk so great it’s almost overwhelming. Then on the Cracker there’s the first climb as you cross the road near Enchmarsh, just half a mile from the start. It was so reassuring to see Tim Davies & Mick James struggle to keep the running going - you could almost think they were human.­­

But for my Little Sod, I thought I’d look at the races coming up, rather than those you may just have done. As far as the Carding Mill Canter goes, it’s more a case of which Little Sod dreamed it up rather than anything else, so it’s the Long Mynd Valleys that draw’s my mind.

Without doubt, it has to be the last climb of all - give me one of the big three any day. It’s when you’re just 400m from the end, your legs have dropped off, you descend down into Townbrook Hollow and you have that little climb to get back to the Burway (GR 447 938). If I ever find myself in a head to head with you, it’s yours, my legs turn to jelly just at the thought.

Keith Richards, January 2007