Carding Mill Canter

02/03/2030 - 14:00
Registration Location: 
Carding Mill Valley Pavilion, Church Stretton, SY6 6JG
Race Organiser: 
Mercia Fellrunners - Mark Bollam
Total ascent (metres): 
Entry type: 
On-day only
Entry fee (£'s): 
Distance (km): 

Revised date after 3rd March 2018 postponement: Saturday 24th March 2018.

Note start time - 2pm.

The start time is to tie in with the start of the Mercia dinner so those travelling can have a run then go to the dinner without having to go home in between.

Those of you attending the Mercia dinner can go straight to the dinner venue (Dorrington) after the race where there will be hot showers, tea, coffee and biscuits available.

Part of the six race Shropshire Winter Series. No safety pins.

No junior categories. Strictly over 16's only.

Details: Mark Bollom, mpbollom at gmail dot com, 07960 744008

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The route follows rocky and grassy tracks, has 4 major climbs, 2 steep grassy descents, 3 minor road crossings and 2 stream crossings. Its 7.8km long with 580mtrs of ascent. As short Shropshire races go, this one is HARD!