South Mynd Tour

12/05/2030 - 10:00
Registration Location: 
Ragleth Inn, Little Stretton, nr Church Stretton (GR 444919 on OS sheet 137)
Race Organiser: 
Tim Parker
Total ascent (metres): 
Entry type: 
On-day only
Entry fee (£'s): 
Distance (km): 
Map showing CPs and no-go areas

Further info contact Tim Parker -
Further details to be announced. 
Start at Little Stretton Road junction, just before the camp site - SO 441 919

Check points:

  1. CP1 - Grindle summit cairn - 430 926
  2. CP2 - Bridge in Minton Batch - 421 902
  3. CP3 - Cross tracks at high point in forest - 406 902
  4. CP4 - Stream crossing, bottom of Wooler's Batch - 408 887
  5. CP5 - Gate and stile on Portway, top corner of forest - 398 897 (first aid kit available)
  6. CP6 - Southern Ridge (just south of Black Knoll) - 393 887
  7. CP7 - Quarry on road near Myndtown - 393 895 (possible water point if weather is hot)
  8. CP8 - Gate on Portway, top corner of forest - 398 897 (same location as CP3) (first aid kit available)
  9. CP9 - Prolley Moor Road 'T' Junction - 403 929
  10. CP10 - Pole Bank - 415 944

Finish (as start) 441 919

Over 50% of the route will be new to people. The route would encompass in my opinion some of the best descents on the hill.

See attached race map for details of the route (click on it to get a bigger version). You have totally free route choice between the start and CP1 (Grindle), CP1 and CP2 (Minton Batch) and CP8 and CP9, but you must not cross out of bounds areas (shown in blue on the map) and you must only use roads and public rights of way when you are not in the open access area. For those not able to reccie, you should note that there is no crossing point on the fence which runs down from the Portway at 401903 to Handless Cottage. Either pass above it on the Portway or below it on the road. Needless to say, if you choose route options involving running on a road, please follow the highway code and be wary - drivers will not be expecting to encounter runners.