Hell o' the Mynd

28/10/2030 - 10:00
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Race Organiser: 
Jim Tinnion
Total ascent (metres): 
Entry type: 
Pre-register only
Entry fee (£'s): 
Distance (km): 
Up to 50km

See Shropshire Fell Running facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/events/731045910376701/
Nr. Womerton Farm, All Stretton, SY6 6LJ GR: 458 971 

The course is a 21km loop run clockwise, then anticlockwise (into darkness if you're not superquick), then a shorter clockwise version to make up 50km. Or you can just do one or two loops for a half or full marathon distance. Only one catch - it's not exactly all cushty going, and it's a bit steep in places. 5,000m of ascent roughly if you do the whole 50km. If you want an idea of how brutal it might be, have a look at some of the stuff online about the Barkley Marathons. Entries open at Easter.