Longmynd Valleys Championships Race - Saturday 25th March

Hello everyone

I have been a little busy with other things I'm afraid and haven't quite managed to get the entries open yet. Please bear with me while I get it sorted out with SI. It will be sometime this week and there will be a notice here and on the front page of the FRA website to advise that entries have opened.

It is worth noting that my limit is 550 entries, which will end up with a manageable total of around 400 runners on the day. We have no limit imposed upon us so I can stretch this a little if necessary, but WE HAVE NEVER YET HAD A CHAMPS RACE FILL IN SHROPSHIRE. Don't panic!

Please note, in order to get this sorted I will not be answering emails on the subject until I have the entries open. I don't mean to be rude, I just have a lot on and need to prioritise. Thanks for bearing with me.

All the best