Mercia Hill Trial Results

Results for the recent Mercia Hill Trial are available here (short course) and here (long course).
Thanks to all competitors and helpers for another successful Mercia Hill Trial. Everyone came back within the time limit, although a few had issues finding one or two of the controls. I hope you all had fun and managed to practise your navigation skills on a fair but challenging course.
The final results are linked above with midway splits courtesy of Suzanne. The winners are as follows:

  • Solo woman - Sue Richmond (Pennine FR) 2:41:36 (13th overall)
  • Women's pair - Sue Howarth / Kim Braznell (Mercia) 3:29:13 (28th overall)
  • Solo man - Andy Davies (Mercia) 2:11:41 (winner)
  • Men's pair - Robert Sharam / Simon Phillips (Whitchurch Whippets) 2:43:30 (15th overall)
  • Mixed pair - Oli Cox / Jules Toone (Unattached) 2:33:12 (8th overall)


  • Solo woman - Maryke Fox (Mercia) 2:50:45 (6th overall)
  • Women's pair - Zoe Barber / Sara Willhoit (Mercia) 1:54:55 (overall winners)
  • Solo man - Noel Hogan (Mercia) 2:11:46 (3rd overall)
  • Men's pair - Clive Richardson / Wayne Guest (Wrekin Orienteers) 2:06:37 (2nd overall)
  • There were no mixed pairs, so I gave the wine to Charlie and Suzanne...

In addition, an honourable mention to Tim Kieniewicz and Will Laye in particular who were within 100 seconds of Andy's winning time on the long, and also to John Taylor for being the only runner (known to me) to double up over the weekend and do a hilly South Shropshire Circular on the Saturday in addition to the long course Hill Trial on the Sunday. I'll try to avoid the clash next year.
There are a number of spare maps which I'll bring to the "do" on Saturday for anyone who would like to try out either of the courses.
Many thanks again to all the helpers - Jim