Mark Bollom - Leventon Line Completion

Mark B's Leventon Line - one of the (few) easier bits

You'll all be very pleased to hear Mark Bollom completed his Leventon Line run yesterday, taking around 17 hours for the 56 miles and 14,500'.

Mark had to batter his way through a pretty much constant strong headwind which eventually took its toll a little on the final leg, but he made a very fine job of it, ably assisted by fellow Mercia athletes Sam Robson (legs 1 and 2), Jim Tinnion (leg 2), Tim Parker (leg 2), Mark Agnew (legs 3 & 4), Andy Davies (legs 3 & 4), Tom Roo (leg 5 & 6), Naomi Watson (leg 5). Rachael and Jean Bollom provided the vital road support, other supporters were Ed Austrums, Jan and Rick Robason and Charlie Leventon.