Prize Draw for Stud Marks...

THE PRIZE DRAW – held at the Club’s Awards Evening (Sat 24th March)

Many, many thanks to everyone who put their hands in their pockets for a chance to win Stud Marks on the Summits. Gail Jones kindly drew the winning ticket (no. 209) which was purchased by Craig Henn. Congratulations to Craig who has tried (at potentially great expense) on several occasions to bid for a copy on ebay.

Ticket sales raised £373 which is a superb effort and compares very favourably with the price of a copy currently on sale (£325) in a second-hand bookshop.

Mercia FR has very generously donated the Canter map sales of £56 plus £150 from race proceeds. This means £579 will be given to HEART RESEARCH UK.

Again, well done everyone and thank you.

THE BACKGROUND: A friend of mine and of Anna Bartlett’s, Jonathan Hammonds, gained possession of the book following his brother David’s death (heart failure). Whilst recognising the value of this item within the fell running community, but having no wish to keep it, Jonathan suggested we might find it a good home. On discussion it was agreed that a small raffle associated with local hill running might be appropriate. Furthermore, Heart Research UK was chosen to be the recipient of proceeds as Jonathan and I are both very much aware of heart conditions among endurance athletes including a number of fell runners known to many of us.

Thanks to Mark and Rachael Bollom’s suggestion and support tickets were made available at Registration for the Cardingmill Canter as well as at the Awards Supper.

Cheers for now;