Stretton Hills (2)

05/03/2022 - 11:00
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Race Organiser: 
Jim Tinnion
Total ascent (metres): 
Entry type: 
Pre-register only
Entry fee (£'s): 
£8, £10 on the day if entries are left
Distance (km): 

No entries on the day, entries via SI Entries online, it may be possible but not advisable to enter on the day.

Please car share if at all possible, and, if you're a National Trust member, please park in Cardingmill Valley (use your card to obtain a free ticket from the machine) and walk the quarter mile to the event centre. We can manage but not if you all come separately! DO NOT BLOCK DRIVES near Cardingmill Valley!

See document below.

The race has a navigational element, similar to the Longmynd Valleys race, and a reccie will help... Some brief route notes are given below.

Start to CP1 (Summit of Yearlet) - the start is likely to be in Rectory Field (so ignore the map which was for the champs race a year or two back). Run up the field to the first gate on the right, the follow the lower path through Rectory Wood past the pond to reach the gate just below the small reservoir in Townbrook Valley. Either go on up Townbrook Valley and then cross the stream after the first side valley at the end of the taped section (avoiding the wet flush in the side valley bottom) to climb steeply south west to reach the cairn at the summit of Yearlet, or go straight on across the footbridge and follow the trail ("The Green Path") steeply uphill, then more runably to the pass between Ashlet and Yearlet. Then take a diagonal line trending up and right to reach the top of Yearlet.

CP1 to CP2 (footbridge by top car park in Cardingmill Valley) - descend steeply north west from CP1 to the saddle. Make your way round to the Burway Road without losing height, cross the road carefully, then find a line through the knolls to descend towards CP2. The checkpoint will be just before the wide footbridge leading into the car park.

CP2 to CP3 (CMV car park to south east top of Haddon Hill) - Follow tape around the left edge of the car park (mandatory for safety reasons). Either go around the car park and start your climb at the small spur behind the metal bench (brutal), or head up the valley or ridge on the right to the corner of the golf course fence and follow a clear grassy trail up from there (much further).

CP3 to CP4 (Haddon Hill SE Top to Jonathan's Rock) - pick up one of the three paths heading north west to pass between or around the Out of Bounds areas. Join the main path and head north east past an area of boggy springs (out of bounds), then choose a line around or across Jonathan's Hollow and to the rock (this is just below the edge of the plateau with a great view of the next part of the route). NB: down into the Batch and back up is legit, just really unnecessarily hard in the course setter's view.

CP4 to CP5 (Jonathan's Rock to Top Car Park in The Batch) - any line you like as long as you avoid the out of bounds. If using the main path down the valley bottom, beware of the two wooden footbridges which can be extremely slippery if wet / frosty. Do not run across the grass in front of the cottages by the checkpoint.

CP5 to FINISH (Batch Valley to Cwmdale) - cross the stream and climb steeply up just to the left of the cottage. Turn left and follow the trail along the hillside immediately above the fenceline. A brief steep drop into Cwmdale leads to the finishing straight. The finish will be on the grass to the left of the farm track just above the cattle grid.

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