Gill Harris Round Update December 2018

It's been a while since there was any update on attempts and completions of the Gill Harris round. Philip Wilkinson and Lawrie Jones did a snowy night winter round on 20/12/17. John Taylor and Helen Stokes are also understood to have completed a round in 2017. Renewed interest this winter has seen a successful round from Nicola Richards, Dave Farrow, Mark Pearson and Jared Forte (BHSD) on Saturday 22nd December 2018 and an attempt in very thick mist from Mel Price and Virgil Barton (Barlick FR) the following day. Nicola has provided the splits for the successful round and some observations which are recorded below:

09:33 00:00 Start at the Square in Church Stretton
09:46 00:13 Stanyeld
09:53 00:20 Bodbury Ring
10:04 00:31 Novers Hill
10:14 00:41 Castle Hill
10:27 00:54 Plush Hill
10:39 01:06 Gill Harris Fingerpost
10:49 01:16 Haddon Hill
10:56 01:23 Calf Ridge
11:09 01:36 Wildmoor
11:14 01:41 Shooting Box
11:23 01:50 Long Synalds
11:31 01:58 Pole Bank
11:42 02:09 Round Hill
12:15 02:42 Knolls
12:46 03:13 Minton Hill
12:54 03:21 Packetstone Hill
12:59 03:26 Shooters Knoll
13:24 03:51 Callow
13:38 04:05 Grindle
13:40 04:07 Nills
14:04 04:31 Ashlet
14:15 04:42 Yearlet
14:28 04:55 Burway Hill
14:39 05:06 Finish at the Square in Church Stretton

Nicola says "We kept a steady pace throughout most of it and had a nice picnic stop at Knolls, sheltering from the wind. Really nice to do it as a social run but would be interesting to go back and do it at a slightly less relaxed pace and see how fast I can do it. We had really favourable conditions..."

Mel Price and Virgil Barton's attempt on Sunday 23rd December was undertaken in very thick mist and so I understand they are treating it as a reccie!