26th South Shropshire Circular - 23/2/8

A great route and the weather was OK. 24 miles and 6,500 feet according to my Gizmo.
I nearly retired after CP3 (Heath Mynd) because I 'twanged' my right knee on the descent - excruciating pain for a bit that reduced me to hopping on my left leg! It slowed me down quite a bit, but the pain had  subsided by the time I got to CP4 (a food stop) so I carried on. I'd miss marked CP9 and CP11 on the map but still managed to fall straight onto them!  I didn't realise I'd miss marked them until I found them in unexpected places! Finished in 6h 5m - disappointing. 
Sunday: Ouch! Restless night with right-knee pain, hobbling around during the day, very uncomfortable. I think I'll have to rest it for quite a while. Don't think I'll be fit for the Canter on Saturday.