Rainbow Run - Bluebell Walk

A small field of elite athletes took to the slopes
of Church Stretton as part of The Lingen Davies fund raising event held in
Church Stretton each year, there was a rumour going round that all the runners
were going to do it as a pack running together the whole way round, but the
ranks were soon broken and I shot to the front (acting as the Hare you
understand) the pack followed and the pace picked up soon Nick Jones and Graham
Spencer were up the front pushing for the lead, Graham had obviously forgotten
by now that this was his first race back from injury and he had promised Dianne
he would take it easy

Steve Turk and Mark Agnew waited patiently on the
their heels waiting to pounce, meantime in the lades race Lisa Garside, Gill
Evans, Leena Sankey and Anna Barlett trotted away chatting merrily, Steve gave
up his wait and although he had also promised Gill he would take it easy having
complained for week about an achilles heel, he rushed for the front and that was
the last I saw of anyone, although I could swear I could hear the chatter of
ladies in the background the whole way round

Just for the record Steve Turk walked away with
biggest trophy you have ever seen, (looking a little embarrassed) and Lisa
Garside, Gill Evans and Anna Bartlett crossed the finishing line holding hands
and still talking, not sure who got to take the ladies equally naff trophy

Thanks to Phil for organising the event, he really
did deserve more support, but do not worry all those who could not make it to
the event, he will be at the Carodoc Classic on Wednesday and if you wish to
make a contribution to the cause I'm sure it will be well received
 For full results see the the Results Page!