5 Peaks Challenge - Leg 2


Scafell was the next peak to bagged by our intrepid Shropshire explorers, the easiest route  up England highest peak is to drive round to Wasdale and approach via Brown Tongue, but with a big coach this is not really an option, so Boultons Coaches dropped the runner of under the cover of darkness at a ridiculously early time this morning at The Old Dungeon Gill, top end of Langdale, their approach was via Rossett Gill and Broad Crag with a return journey down The Corridor Route to Borrowdale where the coach was waiting for quick get away to Scotland, as the runners returned breakfast of beacon and sausage sandwiches were  served up by Pauline and here gang of Sarah Dredge and Marion Morris, unfortunately not all the runners made it back for breakfast, the whole journey as to be timed to perfection, not only do all 5 peaks have to be climbed in under 48 hours, but ferry's have to be court to Northern Ireland! Ferry wait for no man and The coach need to leave by 9 o'clock, so with 6 runner still out on the fell, off they set. Fortunately there was back up plan, they also had a mini bus, Alan Morris the organiser of the Challenge waited till everyone was safely rounded up and set off in chase of the main party to tackle Ben Nevis