The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

2018 Summer Series results - after 4 rounds

Results of the 2018 Summer Series after 4 rounds are available here.

Rodney's Pillar Results

Results the fourth round of the 2018 Summer Series, Rodney's Pillar, are available here.

2018 Summer Series results after 3

The 2018 summer series standings after 3 rounds are available here.

Batch Bash Results

Results for the 2018 running of the Batch Bash are available here.
We had some complaints of inconsiderate parking from the locals. Please park considerately when attending our races. We rely on the goodwill of the locals to allow the races to take place. So if you want the race to continue please consider others when parking - and always car share as much as possible.

2018 Summer Series standings after 2 rounds

The 2018 Summer Series standings after 2 rounds are available here.

Wrekin Streak Results

Results for round two of the 2018 Sunner Series, the Wrekin Streak, are available here.

South Mynd Tour Results

Results for today's South Mynd Tour are available here. Conditions were very hot so no records broken this year (although Rachel Parker got very close to the ladies record despite the heat).

Sheinton Steeplechase Results

Results for last night's Sheinton Steeplechase are available here.  Graham ordered, and got, the usual good weather and attracted a record field of 123.

Caradoc Classic Results

Results for the inaugural round of the 2018 summer series - the Caradoc Classic - are available here.

Mynd Dragon Results

Results for today's "London Marathon Alternative" - aka the Mynd Dragon - are available here.

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