The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Long Mynd Valleys pictures

Pictures from today's race are slowly beginning to appear on my site

And as usual Hires copies of the pictures are freely available by email from myself.....


The Long Mynd Valleys Results

Andi Davies Mercia

The morning dawned bright and fresh, the decision was made the valleys race would go ahead on an unaltered course, numbers were down, but that's not really surprising, considering the weather we have had in the last week we were lucky to have any.

Long Mynd Valleys Update 08:00 Sunday 8th February 2009

The Long Mynd on 7th Feb 2009

Yesterday saw a slow thaw of snow on all the southern flanks of the
Long Mynd, overnight temps did not drop anywhere near as much as it was
thought, we do have a forecast for some snow this afternoon but in
general everything is looking positive for today race

Long Mynd Valleys

After discussion there is every intention of putting on The Long
Mynd Valleys Race, as ever, everything is down to a last minute
decision, on what the conditions are like tomorrow, Phil has been out and
inspected parts of the course today, and further checks will be made
in the morning, if any parts of the course look too dangerous, then the
route may be modified, but at this moment in time it's very hopeful
that we'll be racing the Valleys

Titterstone Clee Race


What a wonderful days racing!

Titterstone Clee Race Pictures

There are some more pictures of today's race on my site....
 You are welcome to link to them/ use them....

Update Re Titterstone Clee at 18:00 hrs 6th February 2009


The reports we had from Cleeton St Marys this afternoon, is that the
road is quite passable in both direction, there is about 100mm of snow
on sides of the road, the main concerns are that over night
temperatures are due to fall to -6, there is a lot of water on the road
that will freeze over, so great care will be need when driving in the
area, parking may also be an issue, we have some addition parking by
the church, please try and share transport as much as possible to keep
car in the area down to a minimum, also be prepaired to have to dig

Update Re Titterstone Clee at 20.00 hrs 5th February 2009 -

It is our intention to run the Titterstone Clee fell race as usual, As
long as we can get to the start, we will be there. We will do our best
to ensure you get the most up to date information regarding local
conditions as soon as possible, we will be checking conditions on the
hill and in Cleeton St. Mary tomorrow afternoon and the website will be
updated soon after 6.00 p.m. There will be a further check on road conditions early on Saturday morning and the website will be updated again at 9.00 am

Long Mynd Valleys Results

We have just finished updating the website with all the electronic results we have for the Long Mynd Valleys Race, although the race is nearly 25 years old and electronic results have been used for most of that time, we only have records going back till 2000, and even then 2003 are missing, please have a look at the updated results on the results page or via results on the race information page, we have put the top 100 time, all the best Ladies times and Vets time too, I'm sure I've made a mistake / omission or two, please let us know if you think I've got it wrong or if you can let us have co

Long Mynd Valleys - Shropshire Weekend - weather warning

There are severe weather warnings affecting the area. As of Wednesday there may be approx 4" of snow lying on the tops. The local roads are clear except those going over Mynd. The Sunday race is not likely to be affected as Carding Mill Valley has good access. There is some concern regarding access to Cleeton St. Mary for Saturdays race at Titterstone Clee because the access road is high, narrow and may not be gritted. We will keep an eye on local weather conditions and will put notices on the website accordingly. click read more for update.

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