Parental Consent Form


The purpose of the new Parental Consent Form is to enable a parent to give consent for his/her under 18 child to participate in fell running activities. This may be for training sessions, specified fell races or unspecified races over a defined period of time. The original of the form should be retained by the parent/legal guardian. Copies may be given to the junior’s fell running or athletic club and to any adult attending the junior at an activity. This provides two means of giving consent to a junior competing in a fell race.

i.  The race entry form (standard junior form or race-specific form), if necessary pre-signed by the parent and brought to the race.

ii.  The Parental Consent Form. The Parental Consent Form does not replace the race entry form but provides written evidence of consent to the entry by the parent. The race entry form should still be completed at the race registration, but in this case does not need to be signed. Additionally the Parental Consent Form provides evidence of consent for the junior to take part in training activities. It removes the need to fill in a consent form for each individual race/event/activity but gives the protection that the consent is time limited. It is suggested that a year end is a suitable end date, but this can be changed. It also provides medical and other information in case there should be an incident.